Housing Help

How To Become A Homeowner

Do You Qualify?
We are looking for applicants who:

Have a need for housing
Can afford a mortgage payment of $350-550 per month for 30 years
Are willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity to build a new home
Have lived in Howell County for at least one year
Meet the following requirements (November 2021)

1-2 Residents $13,950 – $36,050
3  Residents $17,950  –  $40,550
4  Residents $19,900 –  $45,050
5  Residents $22,500 –  $48,700
6  Residents $23,100  – $52,300

To select a partner homeowner family, we look for three things:

1. Need for Housing

You may qualify for a Habitat Home if your present housing is not adequate based on the
following criteria:

Unsafe housing – Problems with your present residence such as plumbing, electrical, leakage, rot, poor
insulation or other structural problems.

Over crowded living space – The number, ages and gender of the occupants compared to the number of
bedrooms in your home.

Homelessness – Actually without a home or living with family or friends.

2. Ability to Partner

Once selected by Habitat for Humanity of Howell County, you become a Habitat Partner Family. Families
Complete a minimum of 300 hours of volunteer work with Habitat called “sweat equity” as well as becoming involved in other Habitat projects such as working at the Habitat ReStore or Brush With Kindness projects.

3. Ability to Pre-Pay

You will be buying your home from Habitat for Humanity. Applicants must show the ability to pay monthly
mortgage payments that include a no-interest principal payment and property tax and insurance payments.
Applicants must have steady, regular income.

Partner Family Selection Process

Once applications are received, they are reviewed by HFHHC representatives to make sure they are complete
and all requirements are met.
Verification of employment, income, other information takes place. We will do a background check and will
request personal references and a credit report.
A visit is made to the applicant’s home by the HFHHC Family Selection Committee and an evaluation of the
home will be done.
A partner family will be selected by a vote of the HFHHC Board of Directors.
Once a partner family is selected, all adults in the family begin working on the “sweat equity” requirement and the family begins paying $25.00 per month toward a required $500.00 down-payment on their home. At least
$100.00 of the down-payment must be made and 50 “sweat equity” hours complete before construction can

Upon completion of the house, and when all requirements are met, Habitat will sell you the home at no profit
with a no-interest loan. Payments from Habitat Homes are placed in a fund that helps build more homes in the
Howell County Area.